Black Moon Tape

Black Moon Tape is a Belgian band formed in 2016 by Will Z., following Cosmic Trip Machine and solo projects, and Pierre Vancraenenbroeck on Drums.

The band's music is a mix of Psychedelic Rock, Krautrock, Hard Rock, Folk, Power Pop, Shoegaze and Electronica. The band also had a taste for concept albums, drawing inspiration from personal experiences and Ancient texts.

In 1996, when Will Z. was a teenager, he began to work on his first concept album, dealing with themes of his life at this moment; then he forgot about it, composed another album, left unfinished, then another, and another... The main idea of "The Salvation Of Morgane", Black Moon Tape's debut album, was to collect all these puzzle pieces, put them together to tell a story, adding new songs and recent stories about musician's life on the road.


2017: The Salvation Of Morgane OYE018



A Masterpiece ***** - Music in Belgium

Black Moon Tape, if all goes well, could be one of the major acts in the Psych/Rock community in the coming years. - ProGGnosis

The heavier side of King Crimson... the Acid-rock of Iron Butterfly... an almost schizophrenic approach of the early Faust albums. - Fear And Loathing Fanzine

With Black Moon Tape, Will Z. is fragile and vulnerable, sharing with us his journey into his past. - New Underground Music

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